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Take the Greener Route to Shipping Smart

Tech-powered efficiency for deliveries that are faster and more sustainable.

The shipping and logistics industry is the backbone of global trade, and businesses worldwide depend on its efficient and reliable movement of goods. At Atsuya, we understand that staying competitive in this industry requires overcoming offbeat challenges such as unpredictable delays, rising costs, and customer demands for faster, greener shipping options. Our innovative IoT and AI-based solution is designed to bring you the operational excellence you need to stay ahead of the game.


Untraceable delivery path

Lack of visibility in order and delivery data

Increasing demand for faster deliveries

Managing complex supply chains

Increasing competition and pressure to reduce costs

Ensuring compliance with regulations and safety standards


Our cutting-edge deep tech-powered solution for shipping and logistics provides real-time tracking and data-driven insights that optimise your supply chain, reduce your carbon footprint, and improve your bottom line. Our integrated AOne platform allows you to keep a close watch on your supply chain operations to enhance efficiency and control, thereby ensuring superior customer service delivery, cost-effectiveness, and responsible business operations.

Supply Chains

An AI-enabled solution that aims at helping businesses achieve efficiency and sustainability in their fleet and delivery operations through digital transformation, thereby reducing carbon footprint.

Integrated Compliance & Ticketing

A smart solution that helps businesses achieve operational excellence and up their compliance standards through an AI-enabled integrated audit and ticketing system.


  • Improved operational efficiency and profitability

  • Fast deliveries with optimised transportation costs

  • Enhanced supply chain visibility and decision-making capabilities

  • Compliance with regulations and safety standards

  • Reduced carbon footprint and environmental impact

  • Ready-to-use reports for audits and compliance

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Our carefully curated solution for the quick commerce and retail verticals has been refined and perfected from our experience working with pioneers of the industry.

Why choose Atsuya?

End-to-end technology capabilities from hardware to analytics

Flexible capex and opex models for deployment

Superlative hardware and software capabilities

360-degree solution for resource optimisation

Successful implementations across top-drawer clients for each product line

Bespoke solutions for specific industry needs

Make the best of Deep Tech

Easy deployment and seamless integrations.

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