The Challenge

Popular Chennai mall seeks to ace occupant comfort while ensuring savings on energy.

Maintaining a pleasant environment in terms of air quality and temperature while ensuring responsible consumption and cost management is a real challenge for large retail spaces. Over two-thirds of a shopping mall’s operational expense is spent on running their HVAC systems efficiently and without proper monitoring and control they often end up spending 30% more on HVAC systems than they need to.

Our Solution

Our IoT and AI-based solution adds a layer of intelligence to facility management and enables better control over managing multiple facets of the vast space, ensuring energy efficiency and sustainable operation.

  • Air quality monitoring
  • Detection and prevention of filter clogging
  • Real-time energy monitoring
  • Facility and equipment-wise consumption monitoring
  • Remote energy management
  • HVAC optimisation

Key Highlights

  • 15 % Savings on monthly energy bills
  • 12 % Improvement in chiller plant utilisation
  • 25 % Run hours optimisation
  • 20 % Improvement in occupant comfort


  • Consistent common area temperature at 24OC
  • Identification and elimination of hot pockets within mall area
  • Increased operational efficiency with respect to HVAC and maintenance
  • Increased occupant comfort, thereby increasing customer dwell-time

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