The Challenge

This industry early-mover required a comprehensive solution that complemented a business model that takes advantage of fast-paced operations and thin margins. Operational efficiency was, therefore, the key to sustaining in the rapidly growing, competitive marketplace. Managing large stocks while ensuring the highest quality and keeping wastage at bay, all while ensuring sustainability in their operations was the major challenge they were looking to solve with our solutions.

Our Solutions

By continuously tracking the physical assets of the facilities with our proprietary meters and an integrated dashboard, we enhanced control and ensured ease of management while addressing the issues of food safety and sustainable operations.

  • Real-time monitoring of temperature, energy, and water
  • Integrated compliance platform with maintenance ticketing solution
  • Automated alerts and notifications indicating threshold breaches
  • Asset health monitoring and predictive maintenance

Key Highlights

  • 20 % Reduction in food wastage
  • 10 % Reduction in water consumption
  • 15 % Savings in energy consumption


  • Insights on refrigeration availability
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • 100% quality compliance
  • Automated audit logs and ready-made data for reporting

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