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Operational excellence is what it takes to make the freshest and fastest deliveries and AOne helps you do just that.

If you are in the business of groceries, you are probably enjoying a massive user base; rich, poor, young, or old, everyone is your customer! However, it is likely that you are also feeling the pressure to keep up with the changing industry trends and rapid developments. Lightning-fast deliveries, deliveries at the touch of a button, freshest and fastest produce delivered to the door, not to mention the growing number of competitors you need to watch out for. We at Atsuya are here to help you strengthen your business with the best of technology so your business can stay ahead of the competition.


Ever-increasing energy costs

Lack of mechanism to monitor temperature compliance

Maintaining efficient supply chain operations

Manual and unorganised data records

Unexpected equipment downtime

Equipment performance-based purchase decisions

Adherence to regulatory requirements for food safety


We offer a range of solutions for the retail and quick commerce industry, based on an in-depth understanding of the operational challenges faced in this sector. From IoT-based resource consumption monitoring and supply chain optimisation to ESG consulting, you can choose the solutions that best suit your needs to enhance operational efficiency.

Refrigeration Monitoring

An IoT and AI-based end-to-end solution offering a cloud platform and an intuitive, easy-to-use mobile application aimed at reducing food loss.

Gas Monitoring & Leak Detection

An IoT-powered solution that monitors gas consumption, identifies leakages and effectively uses intelligent insights to improve production planning and ensure safety.

Water Monitoring

A smart solution for keeping tabs on water consumption using our proprietary IoT AMR along with AI-based insights to promote sustainable use of water.

Integrated Compliance & Ticketing

A smart solution that helps businesses achieve operational excellence and up their compliance standards through an AI-enabled integrated audit and ticketing system.


An AI-driven solution that enhances the quality of spaces by smart ambient temperature sensing to maintain optimal temperature and air quality indoors, thereby ensuring occupant comfort.


  • Assured temperature compliance for food safety

  • Minimised wastage and improved inventory management

  • Lower equipment maintenance costs

  • Enhanced resource efficiency

  • Automated audit logs and reporting

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Our carefully curated solution for the quick commerce and retail verticals has been refined and perfected from our experience working with pioneers of the industry.

Why choose Atsuya?

End-to-end technology capabilities from hardware to analytics

Flexible capex and opex models for deployment

Superlative hardware and software capabilities

360-degree solution for resource optimisation

Successful implementations across top-drawer clients for each product line

Bespoke solutions for specific industry needs

Make the best of Deep Tech

Easy deployment and seamless integrations.

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