The Challenge

This forward-thinking public sector company recognised the importance of business innovation and data in the reduction of emissions. They saw potential in addressing GHG emissions to strengthen their bottom line and thereby sought to address their Scope 3 emissions in pursuit of a more sustainable operating model.

Our Solution

With sustainable practices being mandated and more of a focus in recent times, we roped in our ESG platform that helped track resource consumption and emissions in real time. We aimed to help the company bring down its scope 3 emissions by a substantial amount and set the foundation for enhancing ESG parameters at the transportation level.

  • Comprehensive assessment of the environmental impact
  • Route optimisation for reduced carbon footprint
  • Digital checklists to ensure adherence to ESG best practices
  • Accurate emissions tracking
  • Templatised reporting for greater efficiency

Key Highlights

  • 31 % of non-compliant vehicles witnessed emission reduction
  • 15 % reduction in emissions through exhaust treatment & engine maintenance


  • Consistent and accurate data collection
  • Automated, single-click report generation
  • ESG-preparedness

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