The Challenge

Compliance with safety and quality standards is extremely crucial in the retail and grocery industry. To achieve this, refrigeration units must be monitored regularly and ensure they maintain the right temperature. Any anomalies will lead to non-compliance with the regulations and compromised product quality. Temperature monitoring significantly helps reduce food waste and improve customer satisfaction. This major online grocery retailer wanted to ensure consistent quality of their products while reducing inventory waste.

The Solution

We ensured temperature compliance for the grocery retailer by deploying our IoT sensors and our AI-based integrated platform, AOne. AOne’s temperature monitoring uses deep tech to ensure temperature consistency across the client’s refrigeration assets and also sends out alerts in the case of any temperature breaches and anomalies.

— Real-time temperature monitoring

— AI-based intuitive dashboard for analytics and insights

— Remote access to data through web and mobile applications

— Prompt alert system for any breach in temperatures

— Predictive maintenance of assets

— Ready-to-download reports

Key Highlights

  • 90 % temperature compliance
  • 25 % reduction in inventory waste


  • Accurate and continuous temperature tracking
  • Comprehensive data logs in real-time
  • Easy and automated reporting
  • Temperature slope-based AI model for “genuine only” alert escalations

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