This leading private bank with several branches across the country was looking for a solution to bring transparency in their energy consumption and include sustainability in their operations. Additionally, they required a mechanism to monitor consumption in real-time and capture data in the form of readily available reports.


Our intelligent energy monitoring and management solution allowed the bank to have better control and visibility of their specific, facility-wise energy consumption.

  • Monitoring energy, power, run hours, current and related parameters of various energy sources such as grids, HVAC, DG, solar panels, etc.
  • Carbon footprint calculation of facilities based on industry standards
  • Insights for optimising facility management

Key Highlights

  • 12,31,943 KWH units of electricity saved in 5 years
  • Reduced carbon footprint equivalent to 8,73,056 kg of CO₂


  • Reduced energy bill
  • Improved device performance
  • Real-time data monitoring
  • Planned energy management

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