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Smart, Simple & Cost-efficient Facilities Management for Sustainable Living

Give your real estate offering a futuristic upgrade with AOne – greener and more efficient buildings

In today’s real estate market, buildings compete to offer the latest amenities and cutting-edge technologies that stand out to potential occupants. What if we told you that there’s a solution that can simplify building management, reduce running costs, enhance occupant comfort and safety, improve building health, and be sustainable all at once? Atsuya’s integrated approach to the real estate vertical addresses pressing challenges in the industry and offers a one-size-fits-all solution. Whether it’s a residential, corporate, or commercial building, our unified AOne platform enhances efficiency with tech-powered building management.


Complex facilities management systems comprising multiple layers with manual dependency

High running costs of a building - energy, water, gas, and DG

A wide range of equipment with varying maintenance requirements

Excess use of energy due to lack of optimisation

No mechanism to monitor and control HVAC systems

Undetected water leakage and unregulated consumption of water

Gas leak detection and fuel level monitoring

Manual dependency in facility management

Time-consuming maintenance procedures and related downtimes

Lack of accurate data for audits, reporting and certifications


Atsuya offers a single-point solution for facility management in the real estate vertical. With a host of robust IoT sensors and one integrated dashboard, Atsuya brings ease of management and tech-led efficiency into building systems, enhancing the occupant experience. Additionally, we offer expert consulting on ESG and Green Building certification, and a systematic approach to data collection, ensuring that you stay ahead of your commitment to sustainability.

Energy Monitoring

A platform dedicated to tracking, measuring, and analysing real-time energy consumption across facilities and equipment to improve energy efficiency in operations.

Integrated Compliance & Ticketing

A smart solution that helps businesses achieve operational excellence and up their compliance standards through an AI-enabled integrated audit and ticketing system.

Water Monitoring

A smart solution for keeping tabs on water consumption using our proprietary IoT AMR along with AI-based insights to promote sustainable use of water.


An AI-driven solution that enhances the quality of spaces by smart ambient temperature sensing to maintain optimal temperature and air quality indoors, thereby ensuring occupant comfort.

Sustainability Consulting

A data-driven framework that helps organisations follow measurable and sustainable business practices, thereby meeting their ESG goals.


  • Integrated system for easy and efficient facility management

  • Healthy buildings with improved air and water quality

  • Easy and efficient facility management

  • Reduction in operational costs via optimisation of energy and water usage

  • Lower equipment maintenance costs

  • Enhanced resource efficiency

  • Automated data records, audit logs, and reporting

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Why choose Atsuya?

End-to-end technology capabilities from hardware to analytics

Flexible capex and opex models for deployment

Superlative hardware and software capabilities

360-degree solution for resource optimisation

Successful implementations across top-drawer clients for each product line

Bespoke solutions for specific industry needs

Make the best of Deep Tech

Easy deployment and seamless integrations.

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