Business Need

Delivering products of the best quality holds top priority for most producers and retailers. A product goes through multiple stages of storage and transportation before it reaches the end user. In the case of a temperature-sensitive product, typically in the food and pharma verticals, product quality is heavily dependent on storing the product consistently at the prescribed temperature, failing which could lead to massive product dumping and subsequent financial losses.

Our Solution

At Atsuya, we go a step ahead of detecting and alerting anomalies to train our platform to recognise incidents and alert you only if there is a genuine cause of concern. Our unified dashboard uses artificial intelligence to learn asset behaviour from temperature data and energy utilisation patterns. Our real-time digital record of temperature data, enables traceability from the production floor to the point of consumption.

  • AI-powered insights on defrost cycles help assure asset performance and temperature consistency.
  • The real-time digital record of door-opening frequency helps you manage and alter storage practices
  • Better understanding of the capacity utilisation of assets enables ease of inventory management.
  • Asset performance monitoring and predictive maintenance significantly reduce downtime and improve energy efficiency.
  • Make learned asset purchase decisions through intelligent insights.
  • Product traceability helps consumers make educated purchasing decisions and promotes responsible consumption.

Our Impact

  • Preventing 720+ tonnes of food wastage every year.

  • Enabling traceability of food from farm to fork.

  • Saving time and effort by identifying only genuine alerts that need attention.

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