Business Need

Gases such as Oxygen, Nitrogen, and LPG are widely used across various industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and HoReCa, as well as in domestic settings. However, their toxicity and inflammability levels raise concerns regarding their safe usage. Additionally, in the commercial context, there’s a need for transparency in gas levels that could interrupt workflow, compromise product quality, or even jeopardize human lives. Therefore, a solution is necessary to proactively monitor gas consumption, detect leakages, and inform users about the conditions requiring attention to ensure safety, efficiency, and productivity.

Our Solution

Our integrated AOne platform utilises IoT and AI technology to not only monitor gas consumption and detect leakages but also provide intelligent insights by analysing data over time to predict gas system failures. This empowers businesses to take proactive measures and avoid costly downtime.

  • Fuel inventory vs business hours/sales matrix
  • Auto or assisted fuel indent
  • Fuel passbook
  • Leaks & safety alerts
  • Consumption monitoring and automated bill generation

Our Impact

  • Safety Assurance

  • Improved Production

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