Being a centralised commercial cooking facility that houses multiple food businesses under one roof, there was a heightened need for transparency in the way that this cloud kitchen was operating. Be it maintaining hygiene standards or ensuring accurate billing, complexities in running an efficient cloud kitchen only increase with the rising number of patrons and tenants.


We simplified cloud kitchen management for our client with the help of our integrated AI-enabled dashboard – AOne. The AOne dashboard combines energy, LPG, water, and refrigeration management under one roof, along with automated compliance and ticketing, enabling single-point control of the entire facility.

  • Real-time monitoring of energy, water, and LPG utilisation
  • Cold room and refrigerator monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Automated alerts to concerned staff
  • Custom report and bill generation

Key Highlights

  • 150 % ROI
  • Savings of ₹22,156 per month, per facility
  • 18 % Overall utility savings


  • Up to 20% reduction in food wastage
  • 10% reduction in water consumption
  • 15% savings on energy consumption
  • 20% reduction in gas wastage

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