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Cost efficient and sustainable factory operations powered by IoT and AI.

As a manufacturer, your primary aim is to achieve seamless production, meeting demands without interruptions while maintaining uncompromising quality. However, delays and downtime in production can lead to significant costs and inefficiencies. 

At Atsuya, we understand the importance of maximising productivity while minimising costs and environmental impact. Our solutions are carefully engineered to address specific challenges on the factory floor such as downtime, quality control issues, and operational inefficiencies that can significantly impact your bottom line.


Unplanned equipment downtime disrupting production

Unmonitored over-run hours

Inefficient energy usage

Costly repairs due to inaccurate maintenance forecasting

Compromised quality due to poor equipment condition

Lack of digital records for poka-yoke, quality patrolling and other audits

Environmental sustainability


We leverage technologies like IoT and AI to put you in control of your factory operations through our integrated platform - AOne. Through data-driven efficiency and precision, we've assisted manufacturers across diverse industries in embracing cost-effectiveness, operational excellence, and responsible production.

Energy Monitoring

A platform dedicated to tracking, measuring, and analysing real-time energy consumption across facilities and equipment to improve energy efficiency in operations.

Water Monitoring

A smart solution for keeping tabs on water consumption using our proprietary IoT AMR along with AI-based insights to promote sustainable use of water.


An AI-driven solution that enhances the quality of spaces by smart ambient temperature sensing to maintain optimal temperature and air quality indoors, thereby ensuring occupant comfort.

Integrated Compliance & Ticketing

A smart solution that helps businesses achieve operational excellence and up their compliance standards through an AI-enabled integrated audit and ticketing system.

Video Analytics

With cutting-edge computer vision and deep learning, our solution offers a suite of business-specific applications, including real-time object detection, facial recognition, behaviour analytics, and beyond.


  • Insights for production planning

  • Predictive equipment maintenance

  • Equipment lifetime extension

  • Insight-driven purchase decisions

  • Resource efficiency

  • Quality management

  • Reduction in wastage

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Our meticulously tailored solutions for the manufacturing sector have been perfected through our collaboration with industry leaders, ensuring seamless integration and optimisation across the production line.

Why choose Atsuya?

End-to-end technology capabilities from hardware to analytics

Flexible capex and opex models for deployment

Superlative hardware and software capabilities

360-degree solution for resource optimisation

Successful implementations across top-drawer clients for each product line

Bespoke solutions for specific industry needs

Make the best of Deep Tech

Easy deployment and seamless integrations.

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