The Challenge

This leading luxury hotel chain wanted to keep up with its occupant comfort standards and enhance guest experience. Indoor air quality is of utmost importance for the hospitality industry as a whole. Optimising it not only improves occupant comfort but also helps in achieving energy efficiency. This chain of luxury hotels aimed at improving occupant comfort, thereby integrating sustainability into their operations.

The Solution

With the help of our IoT-based air quality monitoring solution and unified AI-based dashboard, AOne, we were able to help the hotel achieve its goals of operating sustainably while maximising the guest experience. We helped them with air quality management, thereby enhancing occupant comfort.

– Real-time air quality monitoring
– Air quality-driven maintenance schedules
– AI-based insights for ambient temperature optimisation
– Automated report generation
– Filter clogging detection and prompt alerts

Key Highlights

  • 25 % improvement in occupant comfort
  • 30 % improvement in air quality compliance


  • Round-the-clock clean and fresh air
  • Timely alerts and notifications in case of anomalies
  • Predictive and proactive maintenance of assets
  • 8 air quality parameters monitored in real-time

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