The Challenge

As India’s largest supplier of LPG cylinders, this global leader in the oil and gas industry manages a supply chain comprising over 30,00,000 LPG cylinders on a daily basis. In a supply chain of this complexity, tracking and tracing every cylinder along its lifecycle is almost impossible without the right technology in place. Therefore, the company needed a solution that helped them track, trace, and digitise the journey of every cylinder to maximise process efficiency, consumer satisfaction, and safety along the LPG value chain.

Our Solution

Track n’ Trace for LPG cylinders is Atsuya’s end-to-end asset tracking system that combines QR code technology and data-driven insights to empower stakeholders across the LPG value chain to take control of a cylinder’s journey along its lifecycle.

  • A unique identity is assigned to every cylinder through QR-coded tags.
  • Geo-tagging to enable real-time tracking of cylinder location
  • Data collection at every checkpoint to ensure a historical data trail of the cylinder journey


  • End-to-end visibility across the LPG value chain
  • Quick and easy detection of diversions and counterfeits
  • Consistency in the quality and safety of LPG cylinders
  • Instant digital proof of delivery

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