The Challenge

With the emergence and spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in India, government bodies faced tremendous pressure to identify, manage, and control the spread of the virus while safeguarding community well-being. The sheer volume of cases and other touchpoints to be addressed was well beyond what could be managed manually – from testing and contact tracing to vaccine administration. In response, the Greater Chennai Corporation proactively sought technology support to improve visibility and control over the situation.

Our Solution

Atsuya’s integrated technology plan for pandemic management unified the city’s COVID task force onto a single digital platform, thereby helping identify and contain the outbreak quickly and efficiently.

  • QR-code-based patient tracing, contact tracing, symptom-based quick response, etc.
  • The system also integrated modules for patient and case management, bed bookings, vacancy management, and ambulance planning.
  • Spatial-temporal data for better management of cases

Key Highlights

  • 30M+ contacts traced and 5.25 lakh Covid cases managed using QR code
  • Case identification time reduced from 23 hrs to 30 min
  • Containment decision time reduced to 30 min from 6 hrs
  • 400+ days for daily management of COVID-19

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