The Challenge

For any meat retail outlet and processing plant, energy costs account for a significant portion of their operating costs, of which 50-70% is apportioned to their refrigeration system. This market leader in the online meat retail industry was looking for a way to increase revenue by cutting costs and thereby adopting competitive pricing strategies and sustainable practices without losing out on their profits.

Our Solution

We helped our client identify and eliminate factors that impact energy consumption through a methodical approach with the power of data and analytics.

  • Remote monitoring of temperature and energy consumption
  • Centralised dashboard providing real-time insights
  • Automated alerts and notifications indicating threshold breach
  • Asset health monitoring and predictive maintenance

Key Highlights

  • ₹1,80,000 saved annually per facility
  • 20 % Reduction in energy consumption


  • Up to 20% savings on energy per store per month
  • 100% quality compliance

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