Business Need

In today’s business landscape, compliance standards for process, quality, and safety are critical for success. There is a growing social awareness about the importance of employee and public safety and delivering high-quality products and services. Adhering to these compliance standards helps build trust and confidence among customers, employees, and other stakeholders. Additionally, compliance standards provide a framework for continuous improvement, allowing businesses to optimise their processes, foster operational excellence and ensure sustainable growth.

Our Solution

At Atsuya, we deliver operational excellence and high compliance standards through our unified compliance system. Our video analytics capabilities integrated with the audit and ticketing system helps improve process compliance and boast superior safety standards.

  • Real-time incident detection using computer vision
  • Alerting system to ensure timely action
  • Safety index
  • Continuous audit for sustained compliance
  • Ticket workflows for non-compliance resolution
  • AI-powered actionable insights
  • Facility benchmarking

Our Impact

  • 100% quality compliance

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