• Welcome to the new revolution
    in refrigeration monitoring ATSUYA ANOVITM

  • ATSUYA ANOVITM is an IoT-based solution for monitoring all your refrigerated assets, be it commercial refrigerators in retail stores, cold chains or reefer trucks

  • ATSUYA ANOVITM gives you real-time data on key refrigeration parameters for actionable insights to enhance productivity and profitability.

  • With ATSUYA ANOVITM you can monitor the temperature and location of your reefer trucks real time to enhance the safety, security and regulatory compliance of your goods.

Our Products

Atsuya Technologies offers end-to-end custom-built sensors, cloud platform and sophisticated analytics to meet specific requirements of our clients. Our state-of-the-art solutions empower our clients across industry to monitor their refrigeration assets on a real-time basis and leverage data for value-added business insights, cost reduction and preventive maintenance.

Refrigerated Food Retail Real-time monitoring and energy efficiency

For modern retailers, refrigerated food is not just a big part of their revenue, but also operating costs. ATSUYA’S ANOVITM allows retailers to monitor food temperature real time to prevent wastage and ensure optimal cooling, thereby reducing energy bill even as they adhere to regulatory requirements on food storage.

Cold ChainsGreater product integrity and lower operational costs

Cold chains are a critical part of industry supply chain and directly impact product shelf life and costs. ATSUYA’S ANOVITM is designed to allow cold chain owners and tenants to remotely monitor vital refrigeration parameters, saving energy costs and enhancing the integrity of perishable products with auditable electronic record.

Reefer TrucksRemote monitoring and tracking for greater shipment safety

For fleet operators, the biggest worry is when their trucks are on the move. Delays and breakdowns can result not just in losses but also spoilage of perishable goods. With ATSUYA ANOVITM reefer truck operators can breathe easy. Real-time data on truck location and shipment temperature and humidity is just a click away. In fact, with our smart sensors, fleet operators can even guard against unauthorised access of cargo container.

Hotels & RestaurantsMonitor everything from freezers to freshness of food

The freshness of food, an essential component of overall taste, is vital to restaurants and hotels. ATSUYA ANOVITM allows food establishments to use IoT to monitor a wide variety of parameters including freezer temperature and humidity, and door opening and closing.This helps ensure both the quality of perishable foods and optimal consumption of energy.


Atsuya Technologies has been founded by a group of experienced software and hardware engineers, and marketers. Our team comprises US patent-winning software and hardware engineers, who have helped design and implement IoT solutions for some of the world’s largest corporations. With experience spanning a wide range of industries and technologies, our team is able to help clients assimilate learning from across sectors to put in place not best practices, but next practices. Atsuya's talented team believes in helping clients deploy technology optimally to enhance return on investment, thereby creating greater stakeholder value.


Rahul Ganapathy Co-founder & CEO

Rahul has more than a decade of experience in IT and R&D Services, specializing in the areas of Consultative Solution Sales, Product Management & Technology Consulting. Rahul also has extensive hands-on experience in NextGen Digital, AI & Internet of Things. He has 4 patents filed in USPTO & IPO.

Kumaralingam Ramamoorthy Co-founder & CTO

Kumar has 18 years of experience in Research Incubation, Technology Consulting, Business Development, Embedded Systems Design and Development. He has served as Technical Board member of Boeing’s Aerospace Network Research Consortium (ANRC). Has 12 patents filed in USPTO and IPO.

Sridar Swamy Co-founder & CFO

A Chartered Accountant by education, Sridar spent more than 24 years as an investment banker, advising large multinational corporations on M&A transactions, Joint Ventures and market entry into India.

Ramakrishnan "Sri" Sridharan Co-founder & CRO

Former Managing Editor of ET NOW, and former Managing Editor of Business Today,. Sri has also worked with The Washington Post in Washington, D.C. as an Alfred Friendly Press Fellow. He currently serves on the Board of the US-based Alfred Friendly Foundation.

Anand Krishna Co-founder & CMO

Anand has more than 6 years of experience in Advertising and 9 years of experience in Sales, Marketing and Brand Management as CMO. Since 2009, Anand has focused on digital technologies, with emphasis on online content, marketing and brand management.

Dr.Deepa Prakash Senior Advisor

Dr.Deepa is a Food Science professional with her academic training in Quality Assurance and Food Analysis from the Defence Food Research Laboratory, DRDO, Mysore and is also an alumni of Mysore University. She has worked briefly at CSIR-Central Food Technological Research Institute as Scientist – QHF. Dr.Deepa offers a wide spectrum understanding of quality assurance, food safety, farm gate food processing, food technology solutions and innovations for industry.


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