Business Need

Sustainable usage of our water resources is becoming increasingly important as the world is inching closer to a chronic shortage of clean water. The concern of large scale commercial and residential buildings today is to adopt frugal water consumption while ensuring quality of water and minimising pollution levels. The way to achieve this is to bring transparency into the way water is consumed.

Our Solution

We offer a comprehensive solution to this problem by providing a unified, intuitive AI dashboard that brings all aspects of your water consumption under your control to help you regulate water consumption, identify leakages and take corrective action through data insights.

  • Transparency in consumption
  • Detection and prevention of pilferages
  • Quality management
  • Effluence monitoring
  • Consumption accounting
  • Insights on energy saved

Our Impact

40% reduction in


51% improvement

in collections

37% reduction in

consumption/ person/ day

Customer Success

Real Estate Case Study
Real Estate

Chennai high-rise gets smarter about water.

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