Supply chain

Business Need

Supply chain and fleet management businesses across the globe are now taking the sustainability route with a focus on ensuring quality and climate conscious deliveries. Added to that is the need to ensure quick deliveries to maintain a competitive advantage in a rapidly growing industry. While consumers are fast becoming more and more environmentally conscious, supply chain businesses need to quickly adapt to the transformation in vehicle standards without losing sight of their operational efficiency and traceability.

Our Solution

We help businesses reduce their carbon footprint through digital transformation. Our integrated dashboard helps you unlock state-of-the-art fleet and delivery management solutions to ensure sustainable operations of your fleet.

  • Scope 3 emission accounting.
  • Route optimisation to reduce miles.
  • Load-based scheduling for maximum capacity utilisation.
  • Instant, electronic proof of delivery for paperless deliveries.
  • AI-based predictive maintenance of the fleet.
  • AI-orchestrated quality and climate conscious deliveries.

Our Impact

Guaranteed compliance

through clear visibility.

Customer Success

Manufacturing Case Study

Leading automotive manufacturer takes the
road to sustainability through efficiency.

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