Business Need

In the post-pandemic era, there is a heightened need to improve the safety and quality of spaces for a better customer and employee experience. Businesses are pressured to cater to this very need cost efficiently. At the nucleus of a safe and quality facility is its HVAC system, optimization of which would help business owners deliver comfort while keeping an eye out for cost management.

Our Solution

Our self-learning and self-healing, integrated platform enables centralized asset management and adds a layer of intelligence to traditional HVAC and building management systems. This gives a 360o insight to make facilities connected, thereby driving efficiency and transparency in HVAC systems.

  • Comfort management through AI-driven ambient and external temperature sensing.
  • Automated detecting and alerting of filter clogging for improved air quality and asset efficiency.
  • Predictive and proactive maintenance of assets through machine learning capabilities.
  • Automated billing and seamless control of all utility parameters.
  • Easy integration to existing BMS and IoT systems.

Our Impact

20% savings on

HVAC energy .

15% improvement in

occupant comfort .

Customer Success

Commercial Buildings

Shopping mall saves big on energy.

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